What Is Instagram’s ‘Restrict’ Feature and How To Use It

By | March 28, 2022

Instagram like any other social media platform allows different people to post content and interact with different content as well. This means someone you do not know, or you know, can react to your content. However, not everyone says or comments positively on what you post. This is where you choose to either restrict or block.

What does restrict mean on Instagram? This is a feature that allows you to manage people who can see or interact with the content you post on your page. This happens when let’s say a friend of yours has been reacting negatively to your content, or you wish to intentionally restrict them. An example of restricting someone with pure intentions is when, for example, they follow you on Instagram, but you ask people what you can award someone for their birthday yet theirs is approaching.

If you restrict people with an intention of not allowing them to interact with your content, you can learn new social media hacks you can use to boost your account. This is to ensure your engagement rate is still high, and you can use the analytics to win a new client.

So, when do you use the Instagram restrict feature?

When working with multiple clients

Let’s say you have been employed to promote different items that work the same way. You can protect your contracts with both clients by restricting one when working with the other.

When you do not wish to block someone

Blocking someone, especially those you know can always question, can put your friendship with them at risk. So, can use the restricting feature instead of blocking someone.

When silencing notifications

Restricting allows you to silence notifications from the targeted audience. You will be notified when they like your content, and you will not be shown comments they post on your page.

When dealing with an online bully

Online bullies always expose your content and talk about it negatively. This can be draining. Hence, you need to restrict them from interacting with your content directly. If you block them, and they notice, this will give them more confidence to bully you in other accounts or continue bullying others.

So, how do you activate the restrict feature on Instagram?

– Click on the user profile page

– In the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots also known as hamburger dots

– A restrict option will pop up, click on it

– If it is your first time, you will get a description box informing you all about the restricting feature

– Afterwards, a notification will show up informing you the person is restricted.

For Apple users:

– Swipe left on the comment you wish to restrict the user

– An exclamation point icon will pop up, click restrict

As simple as this, you can choose who interacts with your content on Instagram. Users find this convenient, and people can always be restricted if they bring negative energy to your content.

In conclusion, the restricted Instagram feature is a polite way of allowing who freely interacts with you. It is also reversible, do not be afraid to use it.