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Ways to Increase Your Instagram Follower Count Organically

Instagram has taken a transformative shift from just being a social platform to being a large playground for influencers, marketers and businesses to promote their content and products. With the inception of Instagram IGTV, Instagram ads, Instagram business account and Instagram stories, the platform has revolutionized visual content and connecting with your audience. People now visit Instagram not only to connect with other users but also to shop online and communicate with their favorite brands. Studies show that the majority of Instagram users apply the platform to search for a specific brand or a brand with at least 80% of the following. There are free-of-charge and clear ways to increase your Instagram follower count. If you are new on Instagram and don’t know whether to spend money, you only need patience, persistence and consistency to grow your followers organically.… Read more “Ways to Increase Your Instagram Follower Count Organically”