Ways to Increase Your Instagram Follower Count Organically

By | August 27, 2021

Instagram has taken a transformative shift from just being a social platform to being a large playground for influencers, marketers and businesses to promote their content and products. With the inception of Instagram IGTV, Instagram ads, Instagram business account and Instagram stories, the platform has revolutionized visual content and connecting with your audience.

People now visit Instagram not only to connect with other users but also to shop online and communicate with their favorite brands. Studies show that the majority of Instagram users apply the platform to search for a specific brand or a brand with at least 80% of the following.

There are free-of-charge and clear ways to increase your Instagram follower count. If you are new on Instagram and don’t know whether to spend money, you only need patience, persistence and consistency to grow your followers organically.

Create engaging and creative content

Creating engaging content catches your audience’s attention. If your content is luring and creative, there are more chances of your audience sharing the content with their followers, who will then be interested in your posts and probably follow you. Remember that videos have been proven to get more engagement than images. 

Schedule your posts

Once you have gathered and curated content, schedule your content in advance with scheduling tools. That way, you will actively reach your audience and be consistent with your flow of content. Some scheduling tools give you recommendations on the right optimal time to post and when your posts will have more visibility and increase engagement. Such consistency appeals to your audience and attracts a new public. It is also smart to keep a consistent content calendar.

Engage related accounts within your niche

Have a list of your competitors’ accounts on Instagram within your niche, and get to know these accounts and better understand what you need to publish. Check which topics their audience engages in often, what posts are getting more engagement, and how often they publish posts. Once you understand them better, you can use your competitors’ accounts to build your following as well. Engaging with your competitor’s audience also improves your chances of getting more followers.

Optimize your Instagram account

While figuring out how to gain followers on Instagram, it is important to optimize your account. Create a catchy bio, possibly with a clickable link to drive traffic to, say, your website or page, and include a relevant hashtag. Have a proper username and an appealing profile image, so users can know your brand. These are the fundamentals of your brand identity. Also, it is crucial to keep your username search-friendly.

Have partners, friends, and brands to post your content

An effective way to grow your Instagram account organically is by having partners, like macro-influencers and brands, who can advocate for you. It is vital to know the value of your audience, and this means you have to be ahead of them and be present, especially when others advocate for you. The larger your audience is, the more buyers or customers you will have, and that will attract a new audience as well.

Avoid fake Instagram followers

With the increase of competition on the social platform, one might be tempted to purchase Instagram followers. There is a yawning gap between an Instagram account with fake followers and one with legitimate followers. Having fake followers is a disadvantage and inhibits further organic growth. Usually, if new audiences follow you, they might feel deceived and unfollow. Ensure you build trust and long-lasting relationships for active engagement. Having fake followers has no ROI because unmanned followers have no purchasing power.

Real and organic followers can engage, share, comment, and like your posts. Users also enjoy having you engaging back and responding.

Buzz the conversations

The best way to make Instagram users aware of your account is through conversations. Be active and respond to questions asked or comments because that could be the difference between having a new audience or customer or improving your engagement rate and subsequently your relationship with your audience.