Rules Everyone Should Be Following at a Steakhouse

By | July 30, 2021

We live in a country of rules and regulations. Without them, chaos would reign supreme and society would break down to tatters. The need for rules covers various areas of life and different institutions, be it a university, a theatre, a police station, or a restaurant. It also applies to visiting steakhouses. It might not fall over and collapse, but without rules, patrons would not enjoy the food and business would be bad. Knowing how many people like spending time at steakhouses, why don’t we give you a set of rules you should follow the next time you decide to visit one?

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And now let’s look through the most useful rules to follow at a steakhouse.

Flooding your steak with sauce

You must acknowledge the fact that steakhouses have some of the best chefs in the world. So, if the meat and the steak sauce come separately, there should be a reason, right? Right? It is considered taboo to drench your steak with A.1. sauce immediately. At least take a bite of it to savor the taste. You might enjoy it better without the sauce.

The right way to cut up steak  

Don’t cut up the whole steak in one go. This can be attributed to a lack of etiquette. Steakhouses are fancy dining restaurants where patrons go to enjoy quality meat cooked in the best sauces and herbs. The meat’s taste is to be savored with every bite. Only cut by sizeable bits, and take your time to enjoy the flavors that come alive in your mouth with every bite.

Every last piece?

When the meal is too good, you don’t want to waste any single piece. After all, you are enjoying the meal and you are paying for it. But the etiquette experts argue otherwise. Cleaning your plate might be sending the wrong message. You may think it means that you were satisfied with the meal, but it might mean that you were given smaller portions.

Your napkin

Each table seating will have a napkin which you will place on your lap when eating. When you need to excuse yourself, where do you place it? On the table? Wrong. Fold it nicely and loosely and place it on your chair. Even when you are done with eating, fold it again and place it to the left of your plate. The waiters will get the message.

The steak bone

Without a doubt, the meat will be delicious. You want to savor every bite and there is some meat left on the bone. You are tempted to take the steak bone and gnaw on it. Please don’t do this. That’s why you were given a fork and knife. These should be your go-to implement every single time.

Dress Code

Believe it or not, most steakhouses will have a dress code that you must adhere to. They are high-end restaurants that serve clients from all over the world. You may show up to the restaurant willing to make a reservation, but your request might be only be turned away. Always inquire before you make a reservation.