Green Tea vs. Black Tea: Differences All Tea Drinkers Must Know

By | June 17, 2021

Tea is a heavenly beverage for some individuals. They can not start their day without tea. For some people, tea gives them a dose of motivation and keeps them going the entire day. With so many tea lovers around the globe, many retailers have taken the opportunity to introduce different types of tea that are refreshing and keep them energized and motivated. Two trendy types of tea are black tea and green tea. If you are looking forward to having wide exposure to different types of tea, toplistbrands is your go-to website.

This article will be shedding light on the differences between green and black tea, which are as follows.

Look and taste

People who have tasted both green and black tea know the difference. The first most apparent difference between the two is the taste and how they look. Black tea has a rich reddish copper-colour which appears when it is brewed. This tea usually smells like pieces of stone fruit, malt, honey, and spice. Also, one considers that Indian tea is stronger than opposed to Chinese tea. However, green tea is lighter and leaves a soft aroma in the place where it is brewed. Upon brewing, the tea leaves leave a pale colour which is more towards the greener side. Therefore, this tea is referred to as green tea.

Green teas, meanwhile, tend to be lighter and more delicate. The fragrance is usually like a combination of nuts, vegetables, and oceanic notes. Toplistbrands has a wide variety of tea options from which you can choose easily.

Caffeine Levels

Being a tea drinker, it is essential to know the levels of caffeine present in it. Black tea contains a high amount of caffeine and is deemed to have caffeine equal to one cup of coffee. Green tea, on the other hand, contains a comparatively low amount of caffeine. One can say that green tea contains half the amount of caffeine that would be present in a cup of black coffee. Green tea that has a darker green color has a high level of caffeine. You would also be surprised to know that some black teas, such as Wakoucha, have much less caffeine.

Brewing time

Black tea and green tea are brewed at different temperatures. For black tea, it is usually recommended that water should be boiled to 212 degrees. Usually, it takes between 3 and 5 minutes to allow black tea to get its rich flavour. However, green tea requires a comparatively lower brewing temperature. A temperature of around 175 degrees is enough for green tea to get its original and organic taste. Toplistbrands are experts when it comes to coming up with teas from all over the world.

Conclusively, green and black teas have their characteristics. Being a tea lover, it is imperative to differentiate between the look, color, caffeine level, and brewing time of both teas. However, it should also be considered that both teas are good when consumed in a moderate amount. Consumption of any tea in excess can be detrimental to health.