Холодный борщ (Kholodniy Borsch) - Mama's recipe.Холодный борщ (Kholodniy Borsch) - Mama's recipe.

Great soup for hot summer day. Low in calories, high in vitamins.


1/4 Large beet
3 medium potatoes
3 Eggs
3 Quarts Water
Salt, sugar and vinegar to taste

Poor water in the pot and let it boil. Meanwhile peel potatoes and beets. Cut potatoes in small cubes. Grate beet. Transfer vegetables into pot with boiling water. When potatoes almost ready add salt, sugar and vinegar. Borsch has to be sweet and sour to taste. Cool down Borsch, then bit eggs and add them into the pot, mixing.
Serving suggestions:

Cut fresh cucumber, radishes and scallions into small pieces and and to the plate, then add some sour cream.
Often served at the passover dinner with matzos.