Салат Оливье (Salad Olivye) - Russian potato saladСалат Оливье (Salad Olivye) - Russian potato salad

Named after it's creator, French chef Olivie DeBef this Russian style potato salad became a must at traditional festive family dinners.


3 potatoes, medium
1/2 Lb any cooked meat, hot dogs, or German Bologna
2 carrots
4 dill pickles
2 eggs
1 can sweet peas, 8 oz
1/2 cup Mayonnaise

Cook potatoes and carrots in skin, let them cool down than peel. Cut ingredients in small cubes (1/2 inch or smaller) potatoes, carrots, meat, eggs and pickles. Put it all in a mixing bowl, add sweet peas and mayonnaise, than mix.
Serving suggestions:

Serve as an appetizer at your family dinner, just like all the Russian's do.