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Жаркое (Zharkoe) - Russian style Beef Stew Жаркое (Zharkoe) - Russian style Beef Stew

One of the most popular beef dishes throughout Russia and Ukraine.

Serves: 8
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2 Lbs Beef, cubed
1 Large onion, diced
3 cups Water, For more gravy add more water
2 tbsp Catchup
1 tsp salt, or to taste
Parsley, basil, pepper to taste, chopped

Dice and brown onion in a large deep frying pan. Add cubed beef and water, cover with a lid. Cook on medium or low flame for about 1 hour. Add catchup, salt, parsley and basil. Cook until meat is tender. Cooking time can be different, depending on kind of meat.
Serving suggestions:

As a side dish you can have buckwheat (kasha), rice, pasta, potatoes or Kasha Varishkes. Potatoes are very good when added to the meat before end of cooking. Can be served with some Dill Pickles on the side.

Beef(4)  Buckwheat(2)  Potatoes(8)  Stew   Zharkoe(2)  

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