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Борщ (Borsch) - Traditional Russian Beet soup

Borsch is a traditional Russian soup dating back to the end of 18th century. The main ingredients are red beets and a broth from pork or beef on a bone.

Холодний Борщ (Kholodniy Borsch) - Cold Borsch, Tanya's recipe.

Easy to prepare, quick Cold Borsch recipe from mama's friend Tatiana. No cooking required!

Russian Mama's Gazpacho

This Spanish soup quickly became Russian Mama's favorite, so here it is.

Холодный борщ (Kholodniy Borsch) - Mama's recipe.

Great soup for hot summer day. Low in calories, high in vitamins.

Суп с фрикадельками (soup with frikadeli) - soup with meatballs

Another variation of Russian meatballs - this time as a main ingredient of a soup.

Щи (Schi) - soup with sourcraut

Schi is the most traditional Russian soup dating before adoption of Christianity. Well known for it's sour taste mainly from sour kraut.

Chicken Bullion

The best chicken bullion is when you cook it yourself. Shown here with buckwheat and fresh chopped dill.

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