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Борщ (Borsch) - Traditional Russian Beet soup

Borsch is a traditional Russian soup dating back to the end of 18th century. The main ingredients are red beets and a broth from pork or beef on a bone.

Овощной Суп (Ovoschnoy Soup) - Vegetable Soup

Vegetarian soup with cabbage, carrots and green pees.

Жаркое (Zharkoe) - Russian style Beef Stew

One of the most popular beef dishes throughout Russia and Ukraine.

Салат Оливье (Salad Olivye) - Russian potato salad

Named after it's creator, French chef Olivie DeBef this Russian style potato salad became a must at traditional festive family dinners.

Винегрет (Vinegret) - beet and potatoes salad.

Pretty typical for Russian festive dinners - enjoy the goodness of read beats in this colorful appetizer.

Холодный борщ (Kholodniy Borsch) - Mama's recipe.

Great soup for hot summer day. Low in calories, high in vitamins.

Суп с фрикадельками (soup with frikadeli) - soup with meatballs

Another variation of Russian meatballs - this time as a main ingredient of a soup.

Щи (Schi) - soup with sourcraut

Schi is the most traditional Russian soup dating before adoption of Christianity. Well known for it's sour taste mainly from sour kraut.

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